The Brighton Science Festival

Hello to all of you who joined us for a great couple of days hacking and coding at this year’s Brighton Science Festival last week. Apologies to everyone who missed out. Next year we’ll try and put more workshops on.

There were lots of questions about how to continue the work we started in the workshops at home. We recommended the book Adventures in Minecraft

All the activities we did last week are based on exercises in the book and it also explains how you can set things up on a PC or Mac. Go and grab one!

If you’d like to continue the work you started at our workshops by buying all the kit (it’s actually very cheap), we’ve made a kit list page with easy links to all the equipment we like. Plus, if you buy using the links, you’ll be supporting us financially, which means we can carry on introducing coding to more people!

A lot of you asked to take away the worksheets, but of course we needed them for the following workshops. So, here they are for you to download.

Worksheet – intro




If any of you have any feedback or comments for us, please pop them in the comments section below.

Thanks all,


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